Success Stories

  • S. has reported us this story : she was approached on the path in a rather isolated area, by a stranger, an adult guy, who gave her 30 rands and wanted to invite her to his home. She refused so he started to grab her and force her. She remembered from the IPM training that she has a voice and she had to scream as loud as she could. Nearby neighbours went out to see what was happening and eventually chased the guy away.



  • Teacher Mrs Govin of 8th grade says that in the classes which have had IPM training, there are no more bullying, compared to the other classes. Bullying is one of the 10 lessons of the IPM programme.



  • P. a teenage girl from grade 8 who has had the IPM training is proud to say that she is much more self-confident when she walks in her community and in groups of youngsters. She knows what situations to avoid.



  • Staff of the schools where IPM has given training are really enthusiastic about the good impact of IPM on the general ambiance in the school.